Banking Tips

On the right path?

Four key strategies all businesses should employ in the current environment. The state of Oregon’s economic forecast looks surprisingly bright, even taking into account historic pressure from inflation. Labor markets are expected to grow; however, labor will remain tight for businesses looking to hire. Inflation will persist noticeably above the …

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Acting in your best interest

Central Oregon Market President Gary O’Connell talks about banking and his brief time in movies. Gary O’Connell started making loans in high school. As an avid sports card collector, he would buy cases of baseball cards at Costco, bring them to school, and sell individual wax packs. If his friends …

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How to build an employee-centric culture

The tight labor market is creating significant challenges for businesses large and small throughout Oregon and the nation. The recovery from the pandemic, while overwhelmingly positive, has created a situation where employers are often struggling to fill positions at every level. And while competitive compensation and benefits are still key tools …

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