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As a local Oregon business bank, we’re all about relationships with local businesses and organizations. After all, we’re a local business, too!


Access multi-million dollar FDIC coverage, peace of mind, and many other benefits when you take advantage of CDARS, an American Bankers Association (ABA) endorsed service.

The Power of One. With CDARS® you only have to maintain one relationship. With one rate per maturity date. All on one, easy-to-read statement.

No Hidden Fees. The rate you see is the rate you get. Always.
Flexibility. Choose maturity options that fit your investment needs.
Reliable. CDARS has been tested with billions of dollars and complies with all relevant FDIC requirements. In more than 15 years, not a penny has been lost on the FDIC-insured deposits in CDARS.

IntraFi Money Market Account

• Access multi-million dollar FDIC Insurance Coverage and peace of mind with IntraFi Money Market Account, an American Bankers Association (ABA) endorsed service.

• Earn Interest. Put excess cash balances in an interest-bearing money market account.

• Save time. With Money Market you only have to manage one bank relationship.

• Accessibility. Access your funds with up to six withdrawals a month.

• One Statement. Keep your information secure and easy to track with one convenient statement.

Positive Pay

Transform your fraud-prevention tactics with Positive Pay. Review any suspicious checks and choose to accept or deny them. Upload or enter your issued checks into the system, which will be matched with check presentment. Any check that does not match the details entered will generate an ‘exception item’, for you to review.

Retail Lockbox

Simplify your accounts receivable processes with Lockbox. When you choose Retail Lockbox, you have a partner in payment management.

Accurate and Secure. Lockbox reduces opportunities for fraud, theft, and errors by reducing touchpoints and increasing efficiency.

Hands-off Control. Each lockbox solution gives you access to user-friendly data. Gone are the days of disorganized filing cabinets and overwhelming paper trails.

Peace of Mind. With faster posting, fewer internal touch-points, and modern solutions to tracking and viewing receivables, lockbox sends stress packing.

Business Online Banking

Initiate transfers, access ACH payment solutions and Positive Pay, and more, all from your devices while maintaining next-level security for your information.

• Approve transactions, make transfers, deposit checks, and more all from our user-friendly interface.

• See everything you need to about your accounts on one screen. Customize your views and profiles.

• With multiple layers of security, and products specifically for fraud reduction, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Remote Deposit Capture

Conveniently scan checks via check scanner from your business location. These images will be sent to Summit Bank to be cleared, posted, and made available—all without a trip to the bank. Businesses that utilize RDC enjoy:

• Improved fund availability.

• Accelerated clearing times.

• Easier record keeping.

• Faster responses to exception items.

• Decreased travel time and costs.

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