Filling The Void in The Portland Metro Area

Written by Brian Thomas, Senior Vice President, Commercial Team Lead Downtown Portland

How Summit Bank is filling the void of business banking in the Portland metro area.

The recent bank failures have left a void in the Portland market, creating a real lack of service for businesses needing reliable banking solutions. Summit Bank is poised to step up and fill that void, offering local decision-making and high service levels reminiscent of local First Republic and Silicon Valley Banks were known for. Summit Bank caters to clients who seek that level of personalized attention and a trusted banking partner. 

Local decision-making and high service levels: Unlike large institutions with hundreds of different departments, where decision-making and service are centralized, Summit Bank takes pride in its local decision-making process. Our regional offices allow us to provide a personalized and hands-on approach to business banking, ensuring that our clients receive the attention and service they deserve. We understand that each business is unique, and our team of experienced lenders is dedicated to delivering tailored strategies to address their specific needs.

Positioning Itself as the Growing Bank: Through consolidation and recent bank failures, business owners have few options to work with a relationship-focused bank in Portland. Summit Bank is actively positioning itself as the go-to choice for businesses in the area. While other banks may be hesitant to onboard new clients, Summit Bank is committed to growing its client base and serving as a trusted financial partner. We recognize the importance of consistency in underwriting and maintain our focus on industries where we excel, leveraging the expertise of our skilled lenders to deliver personalized financial solutions.

Grabbing Market Share in Deposits: The banks that recently failed once held over $3 billion in deposits in the Portland Market. As clients evaluate where to place their deposits after the recent bank failures, Summit Bank is determined to spread awareness and capture a significant market share. We aim to provide businesses with a secure and reliable place to safeguard their funds while offering the exceptional service and attention they deserve.

Summit Bank is ready to fill the void left by the recent bank failures. With our commitment to local decision-making, elevated levels of service, and a focus on personalized strategies, we are ready to become the trusted banking partner businesses in Portland can rely on. As we actively grow and expand, we will continue to significantly impact the community and earn the trust and loyalty of local businesses.

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