Supporting Marquam Group’s innovation approach to business

Marquam Group transforms the way people work. They leverage Microsoft, Nintex, DocuSign, and managed services to accelerate businesses’ evolution. Their story is a testament to the challenges and triumphs many aspiring entrepreneurs face. As Chad Layman, the Owner and CEO of Marquam Group, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, he encountered obstacles that are all too familiar to those who dare to pursue their dreams. At Summit Bank, we believe in the power of partnership and the potential for every client to achieve their version of the American Business Dream. Let us dive into the inspiring client success story of Marquam Group. 

Like any business in today’s age, Marquam Group faced its fair share of challenges, particularly in the initial stages. Cash flow emerged as a significant hurdle, as the company needed to conserve funds to hire new talent and sustain growth. Recognizing the importance of capital and the need for financial stability, Marquam Group sought a banking partner early on. They found a reliable partner in Summit Bank, who provided critical assistance that allowed the business to continue to grow. Marquam Group made strategic business decisions to shape its trajectory and define its market positioning.  

By establishing channel partnerships with renowned companies like Lotus, IBM, and later Microsoft, Marquam Group carved out a niche for itself in the consulting industry. This focused approach allowed them to develop deep expertise and attract clients seeking specific services. Marquam Group’s significant strategic innovation of transforming its service delivery model shifted from project-based work to an “innovation utility” approach, offering a flexible set of interchangeable capabilities that helped ensure the company’s long-term health. 

The emotional journey of running a business included Marquam Group celebrating significant milestones beyond financial accomplishments. They rejoiced in having their first employee over 30 years old, offering sabbaticals and parental leave, and witnessing their first retirement. These moments underscored the company’s commitment to building a supportive and fulfilling workplace. When it came to the journey of selling the business, it proved pretty challenging for Chad. Although intellectually, he understood it was the right decision, emotionally, it wasn’t easy to let go of something he had built and was proud of. When the final signatures were secured, Chad celebrated with his wife and reflected on the question, “What now?”. For him, the answer lay in continuing to build and grow a company that aims to impact the world positively. 

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