Summit Bank Celebrates Sustainability with Blue Lotus Masala Chai and Mountain Rose Herbs

By Chloe Tirabasso, VP, Business Client Advisor

Blue Lotus Masala Chai: Tradition Meets Eco-Conscious Enterprise

Summit Bank is delighted to spotlight Blue Lotus Masala Chai, a brand that has successfully brought the authentic Indian chai experience to the US while embedding sustainability in its core. A passion for tradition and environmental stewardship fuels their journey from the aromatic streets of India to American shores. With eco-conscious sourcing, global yet responsible spice procurement, and innovative, recyclable packaging, Blue Lotus is a model for sustainable practices in the food industry.

Mountain Rose Herbs: Advocates for Biodiversity and Zero Waste

Similarly, Mountain Rose Herbs stands out as a beacon of sustainability within the botanical industry. Their Seed Stewardship Program emphasizes biodiversity, distributing thousands of seed packets to encourage the growth of medicinal plants. Their transition to paperless operations and commitment to zero waste with TRUE certification set them apart. Moreover, their Tree Planting Initiatives and Fair for Life Certification demonstrate their dedication to ecological balance and social equity.

Pioneering Sustainable Practices

Blue Lotus Masala Chai and Mountain Rose Herbs, clients of Summit Bank, exemplify a dedication to sustainability beyond mere compliance. Blue Lotus’s approach to bulk-buy options and omnidegradable packaging solutions addresses the evolving needs of eco-conscious consumers. Mountain Rose Herbs’ environmentally preferable packaging and the Mountain Rose River Project reflect a holistic commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and enhancing local ecosystems.

Summit Bank: Partnering with Visionary Leaders

Summit Bank takes pride in partnering with businesses like Blue Lotus Chai and Mountain Rose Herbs. These client stories showcase what happens when enterprises pursue economic success and take responsibility for their environmental impact. Summit Bank supports and applauds the sustainable and innovative paths these companies have taken and recommends our community support and enjoy their products and services.

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