Empowering Women in Business

By Stacy Koos, SVP, Market Development Officer 

In our quest to bring you inspiring stories and insights from successful entrepreneurs, we recently had the privilege of interviewing Cassie Jones, an accomplished entrepreneur and partner at Gleaves Swearingen LLP. Cassie shared her journey, experiences, and valuable lessons learned along the way. Here are some key takeaways from our conversation: 

1. Respect, Empathy, and Friendships Matter 

Cassie’s journey began in Oregon, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in psychology and later a law degree. Her career path led her to Gleaves Swearingen, a prestigious law firm, where she eventually became a partner. One of the critical lessons she emphasized was the importance of treating all team members with respect. In her opinion, this approach fosters a supportive atmosphere and translates into excellent client service. Cassie also highlighted the paramount role of empathy in her litigation practice, emphasizing the importance of understanding and assisting clients during challenging times. Lastly, she stressed the value of cultivating friendships, both within and outside her firm, which has made her professional journey enjoyable and secure. 

2. The Power of Strong Networks 

Cassie believes that surrounding oneself with other strong women is crucial for female business leaders, providing a valuable support system for sharing, learning, and strategizing. She has built an extensive network of professional women who serve as a sounding board for addressing challenges unique to female leaders. Additionally, Cassie emphasized the significance of working with business partners and employees who value and support female business leaders. 

3. Mentorship and Community Involvement 

Formal or informal mentorship plays a pivotal role in Cassie’s success. She acknowledged the invaluable lessons learned from those who came before her. Moreover, community involvement has been a cornerstone of her career, enabling her to give back to her community while building meaningful relationships that have enriched her professionally and personally. 

4. Prioritizing Relationships and Client Service 

In a world driven by digital innovation, Cassie shared an unconventional approach to sustaining and growing a business—focusing on relationships and excellent client service. Gleaves Swearingen LLP emphasizes hiring intelligent, dedicated individuals, doing right by them, and always prioritizing their clients. By placing clients first and delivering quality service, they trust that profitability will naturally follow. 

5. Shaping the Future of Entrepreneurship 

Cassie also shared her insights on the future of entrepreneurship and business leadership in Eugene and Springfield. She emphasized the need for the community to address critical issues such as housing and safety to ensure these areas remain attractive for businesses to thrive. Collaboration and collective efforts will be essential in solving these complex problems. 

Cassie Jones’s journey and wisdom inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders, particularly women, striving to make their mark in the business world. Her commitment to respect, empathy, and building solid relationships underscores the timeless values that drive success. 

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