Business Banking

Summit Bank is Oregon’s Business Bank. Serving the Eugene, Bend, and Portland areas, we are dedicated to meeting the banking needs of businesses and professionals in our community. We know that you are the bedrock of our local economy, and we want to help you succeed. Our team’s intimate knowledge of the unique opportunities and challenges of doing business in Oregon ensures that decisions are made at the local level by people you know and trust.

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Industries We Serve

Professional Services

We’re making partner. 

At Summit Bank, your bottom-line is our top priority. Our local experts will provide you with a personalized experience to address your unique needs. We’ll work hard for you to find innovative solutions for your business needs such as financing for front-end projects or road-mapping unpredictable cash-flow cycles.


Manufacturing Innovation. Distributing ease. 

Our local experts at Summit Bank understand that, in your industry, there are no breaks. That’s why you’ll work with a team dedicated to helping you find ease. We understand that efficiency and creativity are the difference between surviving and thriving through the highs and the lows. Just like you, we take dynamism personally. 

Connect with a business expert at Summit Bank to learn about how our supply chain can work for yours. We’ll be there to celebrate the wins and identify and defend against the challenges so you can do what you do best.

Medical & Dental

Practice makes perfect. 

Let us treat you to our client-centric approach to banking. At Summit Bank we understand that your bank needs to be dynamic, just like you. We’ll pair you with our experienced healthcare specialists who understand the breadth and fast-paced nature of your industry. Together, we’ll help you make sustainable goals to grow and thrive through the change. Whether you need an advisor in between teeth cleans, surgeries, or while caring for Fluffy, we have a local expert to care for you and your team. 

Links below will take you through everything you need, whether you’re looking to fund new equipment or an acquisition, our comprehensive plans and educated experts are with you every step of the way. We’re in the business of healthy business.

Public Entities

Robust solutions. 

We believe that great communities, and banks, are built on teamwork. Collaboration is at our very core, and we suspect it’s at yours, too. Every person on our team is dedicated to finding solutions to the myriad of challenges that face local landscapes and change-makers, like your public entity. Deeply embedded in the communities we serve, Summit Bank experts deliver solutions that are community— and you—informed. We offer streamlined banking and advising processes to keep you on track and moving towards the meaningful goals you have. 

Our local experts will guide you through cash flow management and financing projects while you guide our communities to what matters most. 


Mission-Statement Driven. 

At Summit Bank, we believe in the power of community. When you choose to partner with us, you can rest assured that every person you work with on our team is dedicated to service, integrity, and opportunity. Like you, we believe that investing in our communities is the best way to give back. When organizations like yours thrive, we all flourish. We’re driven by innovation and flexible solutions to the challenges your organization faces, from cash management to creating and maintaining a social enterprise. At Summit Bank, you always have more than a banker: you have a partner. 

We like to give back to our communities, too. Summit Bank matches donations up to $250 for all of our colleagues, and offers three days of paid volunteer time a year. Let’s work together for a better community.

Community Association Lending

Summit Bank specializes in financing solutions for Homeowner Associations (HOAs). We understand your complex banking needs and our team can walk you through a variety of funding options assist you through the HOA loan application process. We offer specialized HOA Lending programs to keep your association in top condition. Our HOA loans can cover a wide range of uses including large repairs, disaster recovery expenses, and working capital. Summit Bank brings together experts with the know-how and experience to work collaboratively for associations. We understand that no two associations are alike and can move from term sheets to loan documents with a small group of decision makers that results in exceptionally fast turn times from application to loan closing. We provide educational assistance at board and community meetings to help educate homeowners and tenants about banking and finance.


Summit Bank has a full range of deposit services for your business including:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Customized Business Online Banking
  • Business Mobile Banking
  • ACH and Wire Transfers
  • Remote Deposit Service
  • Business Visa debit card with ATM access at designated ATMs
  • Drive-up banking
  • 24-hour deposit facility
  • Corporate credit cards
  • Courier services
  • Lockbox
  • We also offer Business Mobile Banking.

Our Business Advisors customize loan requests to fit businesses credit needs.  Available loans include:

  • Business Lines of Credit
  • Equipment Term Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Term Loans
  • Residential and Commercial Construction Loans
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Business VISA
  • Small Business Administration Guaranteed Loans